Green paper straws

Green straw|craft paper
50 pcs. in a package

Albeta paper straws for cold cocktails and tea made of high-quality cardboard do not bend or break. Perfectly combined with disposable wooden and paper utensils, for setting a table in nature and decorating holidays in a boho or rustic style.

Disposable paper straws are safe for health and the environment, as they are made from natural biodegradable material, they can be disposed of in a fire. Quality olive-colored paper straws are perfect for a party in natural tones.

Eco straws are made of craft paper, which makes them absolutely safe and environmentally friendly, and a bright design will allow you to decorate your holiday in accordance with the style of the evening and make it special.

You can purchase straws separately, or as part of a set for 20 people "Leaves".
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